About Kids of Integrity

The discussion questions and activities presented in Kids of Integrity are designed to engage children aged three to ten. Since this is a self-directed program, please use your discretion in selecting activities and choose only those that are suitable for your child’s maturity and ability.

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Although Kids of Integrity is perfect for single-family use, we urge you to consider partnering with a friend, or forming a Kids of Integrity parents’ group. You’ll gain new ideas and insights from other parents, plus that extra nudge of accountability that so often makes the difference between good intentions and real progress.

We’d love to hear how the tools presented in Kids of Integrity are working for your family. Please send any comments to [email protected].

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Laurel Kirchner - author of Kids of Integrity: Tools for Growing Godly CharacterAbout the author

Kids of Integrity: Tools for Growing Godly Character is based on the Kids’ Character Series created by Laurel Kirchner. Laurel and her husband, Jody, have been married 21 years. One of their greatest joys (and challenges!) has been working together to shape the lives of their two spirited boys. During the preschool years, Laurel began to look for ways to positively mould her boys through interactive teaching about God and His character. At this point, she teamed up with friend Angela Cyr to begin writing creative ideas to help immerse children in biblical teaching. These “lessons” came as a gift from God and they hoped to someday share them with others. Since then, Angela and her husband, Ivan, have focused on homeschooling, while Laurel has continued to work on the Kids’ Character Series.

Listen-in on a special Focus on the Family broadcast where Laurel Kirchner shares how her experiences as a young mom motivated her to create Kids of Integrity.