Create crazy hairstyles, play a zany balloon game, host a wedding ceremony or hear “the Prodigal Son” as you’ve never heard it before!

Choose your favourite activity ideas in this lesson on joy to help your kids:

  • recognize that joy isn’t found in possessions, activities or other people
  • find joy in God’s goodness, presence, protection and sovereignty
  • be joyful in all circumstances.

This lesson also helps address anxiety, a negative outlook, dissatisfaction and overreacting to minor issues.

Recommended resources

Buster’s Ears Trip Him Up: When You Fail
by Edward T. Welch. New Growth Press, 2018. Ages 3-5.

Otter B Hopeful
Focus on the Family, 2022. Ages 4 and up.

Otter B Joyful
Focus on the Family, 2021. Ages 4 and up.

The Berenstain Bears: God Loves You!
by Stan, Jan and Mike Berenstain. ZonderKidz, 2008. Ages 4-7.

The Grumble-Free Year
by Tricia Goyer. Thomas Nelson, 2019.

Adventures in Odyssey The Fruit of the Spirit (4 CDs)
Focus on the Family, 2021. Ages 8-12.

VeggieTales Fruit of the Spirit Stories: Love, Joy, Peace (DVD)
Big Idea Entertainment, 2021. Ages 4 and up.