What did Jesus say about our value in God’s eyes? How do you find the perfect balance between pride and self-doubt? How is the water cycle like God’s love? Try these activities to find out!

Choose from some fun ideas that help kids:

  • understand that they have value because they were created by God and are loved by Him
  • trust God to help them overcome perceived limitations
  • humbly honour God with their talents, esteeming Him rather than themselves.

You’ll find this lesson helpful for addressing insecurity, worry, self-rejection, depression, jealousy, comparing with or envying others, or being judgmental of self or others.

Recommended resources

100 Extraordinary Stories for Courageous Girls: Unforgettable Tales of Women of Faith
Barbour Publishing, Inc., 2018. Ages 8-12.

Brave Beauty
by Lynn Cowell. Zonderkidz, 2017. Ages 8-12.

Candid Conversations With Connie, Vol. 2: A Girl’s Guide to Boys, Peer Pressure, and Social Media
Focus on the Family, 2015. Ages 8-12.

Devotions for Super Average Kids # 1 & 2
by Bob Smiley and Jesse Florea. Tyndale, 2014. Ages 8-12.

Empowered: How God Shaped 11 Women’s Lives
by Catherine Parks. B&H Kids, 2019. Ages 8-12.

Otter B Brave
by Pamela Kennedy and Anne Kennedy Brady. Tyndale, 2019. Ages 4-7.

Raising Worry-Free Girls
by Sissy Goff. Bethany House, 2019. Adults. See companion girls’ book for ages 6+here.

Strong: How God Equipped 11 Ordinary Men With Extraordinary Power 
by Catherine Parks. B&H Kids, 2019. Ages 8-12.

The Berenstain Bears: God Loves You!
by Stan, Jan and Mike Berenstain. ZonderKidz, 2008. Ages 4-7.

The Superheroes Devotional for Kids
by Ed Strauss. Barbour Books, 2018. Ages 8-12.

The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book
by Walt Larimore, MD, and Amaryllis Sanchez Wohlever, MD. ZonderKidz, 2013. Ages 9-12.

The Ultimate Guys’ Body Book
by Walt Larimore, MD. ZonderKidz, 2012. Ages 9-12.

Adventures in Odyssey #28, Episode #358 “The Secret Weapon” (CD).
Focus on the Family, 1996. Ages 8 and up.

Auto-B-Good: Faith Training (DVD).
Rising Star Studios, 2011. Ages 2-5.

VeggieTales: Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah’s Umbrella (DVD).
Big Idea Inc., 2009. Ages 4 and up.

VeggieTales: Sweetpea Beauty: A Girl After God’s Own Heart (DVD).
Big Idea Inc., 2010. Ages 4 and up.