Meet Biblical characters who always did a great job, make up some laughable excuses for avoiding work, and fill your bathtub with pretend turtles to learn about protecting wildlife!

Discover loads of fun ideas to help kids be diligent about:

  • completing tasks and chores well
  • caring for pets and belongings
  • caring for God’s creation and protecting the environment.

You’ll also find this lesson helpful for addressing an overly casual approach to obligations, and an unwillingness to serve others or do menial work.

Recommended resources

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by Jan and Mike Berenstain. Zonderkidz, 2010. Ages 4-7.

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by Jan and Mike Berenstain. Zonderkidz, 2013. Ages 4-7.

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by Dave Ramsey. Ramsey Press, 2017. Ages 3-12.

I Want to Be Just Like Jesus Bible Storybook,
by Stephen Elkins. Tyndale, 2015. Ages 4-7.

Otter B Trustworthy,
by Pamela Kennedy and Anne Kennedy Brady. Tyndale, 2019. Ages 4-7.

Raising Financially Confident Kids,
by Mary Hunt. Revell, 2012.

Adventures in Odyssey Life Lessons #12: Responsibility (CD).
Tyndale, 2006. Ages 8 and up.

Auto B Good: Faith Builders (DVD).
Rising Star Studios, 2011. Ages 2-6.

Monster Truck Adventures: Straight to the Finish (DVD).
Rising Star Studios, 2013. Ages 2 and up.

VeggieTales in the House: Puppies and Guppies (DVD).
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