In the schoolyard, friendships can be made and betrayed on a whim – and the hurt can be lasting. Help your children be faithful friends, and kids you can depend on too.

Read on for suggestions on faithfulness that motivate kids to be someone who:

  • is confident God will never withdraw His love or break His promises
  • is a loyal, supportive friend
  • can be trusted to fulfil promises and commitments
  • puts the welfare of others ahead of their own welfare.

In addition, this lesson helps address gossiping, betraying confidences and excluding others.

Recommended resources

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The Berenstain Bears: The Truth About Gossip
by Jan and Mike Berenstain. ZonderKidz, 2018. Ages 4-7.

Adventures in Odyssey: Life Lessons #5: Peer Pressure (CD)
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VeggieTales Fruit of the Spirit Stories: Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-control (DVD)
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