Can you eat with your hand tied to someone else’s? How about playing Operation the same way? Are you as smart as a goose? Find out as you explore the value of cooperating!

There are loads of cool ideas here to help kids:

  • put others’ desires ahead of their own
  • work and play peacefully and productively with others
  • be submissive to God, parents, siblings and others.

You’ll find this lesson helpful for addressing selfishness, a “my way or the high way” attitude, or a stubborn or argumentative resistance to helping with chores.

Recommended resources

Otter B Helpful
by Pamela Kennedy and Anne Kennedy Brady. Tyndale, 2019. Ages 4-7.

Otter B Taking Turns
by Pamela Kennedy and Anne Kennedy Brady. Tyndale, 2019. Ages 4-7.

The Berenstain Bears: Mama’s Helpers
by Jan and Mike Berenstain. Zonderkidz, 2011. Ages 4-7.

Words to Love By
by Rick Warren. Zonderkidz, 2018. Ages 4-7.

Adventures in Odyssey #40: Out of Control (CD)
Tyndale, 2003. Ages 8 and up.

Adventures in Odyssey Video #5: Star Quest (DVD)
Tyndale, 2013. Ages 7-9.

Adventures in Odyssey The Fruit of the Spirit (4 CDs)
Focus on the Family, 2021. Ages 8-12.

The Secret Garden (2 CDs)
Tyndale, 2007. Ages 8-12.

“The Taming of the Two” in Adventures in Odyssey #41: In Hot Pursuit (CD)
Tyndale, 2003. Ages 8 and up.

VeggieTales Fruit of the Spirit Stories: Love, Joy, Peace (DVD)
Big Idea Entertainment, 2021. Ages 4 and up.

VeggieTales: Veggies in Space: The Fennel Frontier (DVD)
Big Idea Entertainment, 2014. Ages 4 and up.