Kick-off craft

Create a poster to help remind your children to practice being accepting of others. Try to have your children complete the poster early in your lessons on acceptance, then display it as a focal point in your home.

A very special tree

  • On poster paper, draw a tree, add branches and leaves, and have your children colour them. The tree can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. You may also choose to go outside and collect small branches and leaves to add colour and texture.
  • While you are collecting supplies and recording information, talk about how family members are “family” because of a blood relationship: families share the same “blood” or genetics. The other way we become part of a family is through marriage or adoption. The family of God is similar. God calls the Church His “bride” (Revelation 19:7-8). He also refers to those who are part of His family as adopted “sons” (Ephesians 1:5). Membership in God’s family is possible because of a different blood connection. Jesus shed His blood when He died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins, making it possible for God to forgive us for our sins.
  • Also discuss the fact that no two leaves are exactly alike, and no two people are the same either. Explain that God made all of us different on purpose. Our job is to accept others even when they are different, loving them just the way God made them. Discuss how boring life would be if everyone were exactly the same.
  • Write your selected memory verse on your family tree.

Use the family tree as a reminder that we need to accept others as Christ accepted us into His family (Romans 15:7). You can also use the family tree to serve as a reminder that when we are part of God’s family, we are called to love others (John 15:17).

Other ideas

If it is winter and collecting leaves outside is not an option, have your children cut out snowflakes instead. After all, trees are decorated with snow in the winter! Snowflakes, like leaves, are all different. Tie in the discussion on individual differences detailed above.