Speak a blessing

Encourage your children throughout your lesson by supporting them when they are facing hard things. Simple statements like these mean a lot to your child.

  • I’m here for you, and God is too. You are never alone.
  • We can pretend that we are holding God’s hand. The Bible says that no matter where we go, God’s hand is there too, holding us and guiding us (Psalm 139:9-10).
  • I feel pretty shaky right now too. Isn’t it great that we can trust God to be our Rock?
  • I know that ________ has been hard for you. I’m proud of you for trusting God to help you be strong / to help you adjust.
  • Change is hard for me too. Let’s encourage each other to trust that God has great things ahead for us.
  • Thank you for choosing to look for things to thank God for, even though life is hard for you right now.