Kick-off craft

Have you ever watched a deer twitching its ears to catch every sound in its vicinity? Animals know the importance of staying alert. These fun hats will help kids remember to “tune in” to what matters, too.

You’re sure to have supplies for this project on hand already. All you need is some strong paper, scissors, colouring pencils and tape or a stapler.

Animal ear hats

  • Begin by measuring the circumference of each child’s head. Using thick paper, cut a strip 3-5 cm wide and tape or staple the ends of the paper strip together to make a band that fits snugly around each child’s head.
  • Have your children choose what kind of animal they would like to be, then help them cut out and colour appropriate ears. Fasten the ears to the headband with tape or staples.
  • Write the memory verse you have selected on the headbands.

When you want your children to listen to instructions, have them put on their “listening ears.” When a child listens effectively, add a star, a sticker or draw animal tracks around his/her headband to positively reinforce attentiveness. The goal is to completely encircle the headband with animal tracks or stickers.

Note: If you choose to staple, blogger Krista suggests covering the staples with tape on the inside of the headband to keep hair from snagging.