Speak a blessing

Encourage your children throughout your lesson by being quick to commend them whenever you notice them being considerate. Simple statements like these mean a lot to your child.

  • I noticed that you considered ________ ’s feelings before you ________ (name actions). You are a thoughtful boy / girl.
  • ________, I like the way you said that. You were very tactful!
  • I can tell that you are doing your best to keep the peace by being considerate. Thank you!
  • Thank you for speaking in love – even though you are feeling ________ (name your child’s emotions).
  • ________, you are a boy / girl who speaks respectfully. I am proud of you.
  • I’m sure Jesus is pleased with you for being tactful / considerate / respectful.
  • ________, that is a nice way to say that.
  • ________, I like the way you spoke the truth in love and I’m sure God does too.