Kick-off craft

Create a teachable moment by allowing your children to be creative with their food.

A harvest of contentment

  • Prepare in advance by cooking some spaghetti or similar noodles. Allow them to cool, then have your children try to untangle them.
  • While they are busy doing this, tell them the story in Mark 10:17-27 about the rich young man. Explain that the noodles represent the things they own. Just as it is difficult to untangle the noodles, so it is difficult to disentangle us from our possessions.
  • Next, have the kids paste dry noodles onto a paper plate or poster paper. Post it on a wall with Proverbs 21:26 written on it: “All day long he craves for more, but the righteous give without sparing.”
  • As the children are working on their poster, read all or parts of 2 Corinthians 9:7-11.

Throughout the coming days, as you see your children being content in any way, allow them to colour a piece of dry spaghetti with a marker. At the end of the week, see how colourful a “harvest” your children have produced by how many pieces of spaghetti were coloured on their poster.

Other ideas

If you don’t have pasta, you can also use small pieces of string or yarn for this exercise.