Kick-off craft

Plan to do this kick-off craft early in your lesson on discernment. You will work together to make a poster showing wise food choices.

Wise food choices poster


You will need the following supplies:

poster paper
felt-tip markers
pictures from magazines or flyers.

Here’s how to make your poster:

  • Begin by helping your children cut out pictures of food. Also have them cut out pictures of non-edibles that could be poisonous, like detergent, bleach or glue. (Another option for this activity is to contrast healthy food with junk food.)
  • Mark a line down the middle of your poster. At the top of the left column draw a poison symbol (a skull and crossbones) or another suitable symbol to indicate items that are not good to eat. At the top of the right column, draw a checkmark indicating food that is good to eat.
  • Next, have your children practice being discerning: let them paste each of their pictures in the appropriate column on the poster.
  • Write the memory verse you have selected in the column with the “good food” pictures and tell your children that you are writing the verse on the “wise choice” side of the poster as a reminder that we get wise when we read God’s Word.
  • While you complete your poster, use the discussion questions below to help explain to your children that we eat food to keep our bodies healthy and that we shouldn’t ever eat anything that might harm our bodies.
  • Close by praying with your children, asking God to give them wisdom so they can tell the difference between right and wrong. When “poisonous” (sinful) attitudes and actions show up during your study on discernment, refer to the poster and ask the child involved what side of the poster their choice belongs on.
Questions for discussion
  • Why do we eat food?
  • Why shouldn’t we eat ________? (Name something that’s not food.)
  • How do you know what’s good to eat, and what’s not good to eat?
  • Deciding what to eat is just one of many choices we make each day. What other kinds of choices do you often have to make?
  • Can you think of some times when you’ve had to decide between doing something good, or doing something harmful?
Key concepts

Food gives us energy to play and work. Food also provides nutrients that keep our bodies operating properly. We wouldn’t ever want to harm our bodies by eating anything that isn’t good for our bodies.

Just as parents teach children what is safe to eat and what is unsafe to eat, God teaches us how to tell the difference between right and wrong. God calls this “wisdom” or “discernment.” In James 1:5 God says He wants to give us wisdom. We gain wisdom from God by reading the Bible and learning how God wants us to behave.

Relevant Scripture

James 1:5 “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.