Kick-off craft

Plan to start this kick-off craft early in your lesson on gratitude. As your lesson progresses, let your kids add to their placemats.

Praise placemats


You will need the following supplies:

11 x 17″ sheets of paper or cardstock
2 x 3″ or 4 x 6″ paper cards
decorative letters or felt-tip markers
laminating plastic
stickers (optional).

Here’s how to make your placemats:

  • Help each child write “Thank you Jesus” on their placemat.
  • Include your memory verse on each placemat too.
  • On the smaller 4 x 6″ paper cards, have your kids draw pictures of things they are thankful for. (The cards will prevent one picture filling up the whole placemat).

Spread the work over a number of days so your children can think of new items or situations to thank God for each day. For avid artists, have them select their favourites for use on their placemat, or let them make more than one placemat. (And affirm their thankful heart!)

When you use your placemats at mealtimes, review your memory verse and the things you are thankful for.