Kick-off craft

The craft suggested here will help your children practice peacemaking and working together in harmony. For this kick-off craft, you will make and decorate musical instruments.

The harmony of peacemaking

  • To make a drum, cut off the small, elastic opening of a balloon, and stretch the remainder over the open end of a can. Secure it with an elastic band or tape if necessary. Use chopsticks or wooden spoons for drum sticks.
  • To make a guitar, stretch several elastic bands (the “strings”) around shoe or cereal boxes.
  • For a horn, use a paper towel roll, toilet paper roll or rolled up card-stock paper.
  • To create shakers, fill a screw-top plastic bottle halfway with unpopped popcorn kernels, flaxseeds or similar small objects. Fasten the top permanently to avoid choking hazards.
  • Write your selected memory verse on the outside of the instruments.
  • Finish by adding a few decorations, such as stickers, sticky back foam shapes, metallic stars, and ribbons for streamers.
  • To practice peacemaking while decorating the instruments, give out only one of each color or kind of decoration. Create dialogue as you hand out the items. For example: “Brady and Thomas both love the color blue, but I only have one blue streamer. What can we do to keep the peace?”
  • Handing out minimal decorative items allows you to extend the peacemaking practice time. Let your children know that more stars, stickers, or streamers will be given out when you notice they are working in harmony.

Display the finished creations in a basket and keep them handy to use for the “peacemaker parade,” as outlined in the hands-on options section.

Other ideas

Search the Internet for more ideas for homemade musical instruments, or try your local library. Dollar stores often carry an assortment of instruments as well.