Kick-off craft

Underscore the importance of honesty by helping your children each create a personalized “certificate of authenticity” that verifies that they speak the truth. Have your children complete this project early in your study on honesty, so you can refer to it often in the days ahead.

Certificate of authenticity

  • Using thick cardstock, write at the top of each page “Certificate of Authenticity.” Just below this write, “This certificate tells us that what ________ says is true.” Also include your selected memory verse on the certificate.
  • Provide materials and allow your children to decorate their certificates, creating a border with gold or silver foil paper strips, lace, glitter, buttons or other fun embellishments.
  • While your children are working on their certificates, explain that just as we delight in beautiful things, God delights in us when we tell the truth.
  • After the certificates are completed, admire your children’s creations and let them know you are pleased with such beautiful artwork. Use this as an opportunity to speak a blessing – letting them know how pleased you are to have children who always tell the truth.

For the duration of the time that you are focusing on honesty, give each child a smiley face sticker to add to their certificate whenever they tell the truth. Let them know that the happy face represents God smiling when they are truthful.