Kick-off craft

Chart your progress! This activity will help your kids see how much stronger they become when they persevere!

Perseverance chart

  • Begin by making a chart or poster, listing each day of the week. Include a memory verse of your choice on the chart as well.
  • Find an appropriate set of weights for your children, such as two soup cans. On the first day, have your children attempt to lift the weights 10-25 times, or as many times as they can without straining their muscles. Have them start with their arms hanging down at their sides while holding a weight in each hand. Then direct them to lift their arms up to shoulder height, forming a “T” shape with their body.

Each day, have them repeat the task and record the results. At the end of the week they should be able to lift the weights more often, and much more easily, than at the beginning of the week.

Combine this “exercise time” with memorizing your selected memory verse. For added motivation, add stickers or stars to your chart for successful completion of the task.

Other ideas

Instead of lifting weights, select any activity that will lend itself to measurable progression. This could be sit-ups, push-ups, jogging or even learning a skill that is challenging for your children.