Kick-off craft

List ways in which family members can show respect for one another and illustrate this with a “clothesline” of items or by making a mobile to display in a frequently visited area of the house.

Family rules of respect mobile

  • Begin by brainstorming a list of ways that family members can demonstrate respect for each other. Before opening the discussion for suggestions, be sure to explain to your kids that during the brainstorming, no idea is a bad idea. Emphasize that all ideas will be accepted and given equal consideration.
Examples of “family respect rules”:
  1. We speak respectfully about God. We are quiet and attentive during prayer.
  2. We knock before entering bedrooms and bathrooms.
  3. We ask before we take food from another person’s plate.
  4. We ask before borrowing someone else’s things.
  5. We stay quiet when others are on the phone.
  6. We do not interrupt when another person is talking.
  7. We listen when others speak.
  8. We keep a clean house by putting things back where they belong so others can find them and so others don’t have to pick up our things.
  9. We speak respectfully, even when we are upset with each other.
  10. We eat the food prepared for us without complaining.
  11. We honour and show respect for others by letting them go ahead of us or giving them the more desirable seat or treat.
  12. We take the garbage out when it is full rather than overloading it.
  13. If God made it (animals, trees, plants and people), we don’t hurt it.
  14. We close doors quietly and gently.
  15. We don’t make fun of others when they are having trouble with something, when they make a mistake, when they get hurt or if they are different.
  16. We are quiet when others are sleeping.
  17. We take good care of our furniture, clothing, toys, books, home and vehicle.
  • Once you have outlined and selected your own “family respect rules” you can help your children learn the rules by making a mobile. Have your children come up with one small object that can be hung up to remind them of each rule that was selected. Hang these little objects as reminders for each rule, on a string across an area of the house that is frequented often (e.g. the dining area).

Review the rules at mealtime, asking your children to tell which rule fits with which object, until the rules have been memorized.

Other ideas

To simplify this exercise, make a poster that lists your selected “family respect rules.” Beside each rule, draw a picture to remind your children what each rule is. Include your choice of memory verse on your poster.