Speak a blessing

Your affirmation will give tremendous encouragement to your children as they strive to live righteously. Use this section as a reminder to “speak a blessing” when you see evidence of this godly characteristic.

  • That was a righteous choice that you made, ________.
  • ________, you chose wisely.
  • I see that you have a sensitive conscience, ________. It pleases God when you listen to Him.
  • I’m so proud when you make wise choices.
  • You have a soft heart, ________. I can tell that you want to please God.
  • God is pleased with the choice that you just made.
  • ________, I can tell you are tuned in to God’s voice.
  • I’m glad you’re trusting God, ________.
  • God is honoured when you obey Him.
  • I’m happy that you want to do the right thing, ________. God is pleased too.
  • You chose the way of righteousness when you decided not to ___________________ (list the sin or temptation your child resisted).
  • Choosing to do right is not always easy. I’m proud of you, ________.