Accepting new ideas

Drive time

While driving, invite the kids to identify a pizza parlour.

Discussion point: If people had not been open to ideas from other countries, we would be without many things we enjoy today.

While travelling in the car, ask your children to find a pizza parlour. Ask if they know which country pizza was originally from. Explain that pizza was originally made in Italy. People enjoyed this Italian dish so much that it soon became popular all over the world. If people had not been open-minded about tasting a flat piece of bread baked with tomato sauce and cheese, made by their Italian neighbours, maybe we wouldn’t have pizza parlours all over Canada and the United States.

Brainstorm other ways that our culture has been accepting of ideas from other countries. Some ideas include German, Japanese and other foreign cars, and Chinese and other ethnic foods. Extend this activity, if you wish, by examining items in your own home or going on a shopping trip.