Teddy bear tea party

Drama / Role play

Stage a tea party for the stuffed animals that “live” in your home, drawing attention to those that were left out.

Discussion point: The importance of including others.

Stage a tea party for the stuffed animals that “live” in your home. Don’t let your kids know, ahead of time, that the goal is to practice inclusiveness. Just set up the tea party and have your children begin gathering stuffed animals. Wait and see if they bring all their animals or not. Chances are, some will be left out. (If your children will likely bring every single one of their stuffed animals, hide one for use later. This can be an excellent opportunity to affirm them in their choice to include “everyone.”)

After the “guests” have arrived, ask your children if there are any others who would like to come. If they do bring more, it’s your cue to act the part of the stuffed animals who have been added to the party. Exclaim how delighted you are to have been invited as well.

Finally, ask if there are any others. When the final answer is “No,” see if you can find any that have been left out, or retrieve the one you stashed away. Play the part of the excluded stuffed animal and cry (or otherwise illustrate how bad you feel). While you have “tea” with all the stuffed animals, talk about the importance of including others in play and in conversations.