Storytime listening exercise

Drama / Role play

Take turns telling a story. When the story has finished, invite a child to summarize the story.

Goal: Practice listening skills.

During a family meal or while driving in the car, take turns telling a story. When the story is finished, have someone else summarize the story. Talk about how much we appreciate it when others listen to our stories.

When it is your turn to tell a story, you might choose to tell the following story to help your children understand the importance of listening. Follow up with the questions for discussion afterwards.

Once upon a time there was a little boy who did not like to listen to his mother or father. They had given him some wise advice. They told him that if he were to run onto the street he could be hit by a car and get hurt very badly. One day he was playing in front of his house and chased a ball (or butterfly) out onto the street. His mom called out, “Stop!” but the boy did not listen. Instead he ran right in front of a car. It could not stop and it ran right into him. He was hurt so badly that he almost died. If he had listened to his parents he would not have been hurt.

Questions for discussion
  • How do we feel when others don’t listen?
  • What things did you do to help you remember the story so that you could repeat it?
  • What else can we do to become better listeners?