Compassion starts small

Getting into nature

Dissuade your children from killing insects, small animals and plants by adopting the family rule If God made it, we don’t hurt it.

It’s important to teach children to be merciful when dealing with all living creatures, both plants and animals.

Share Luke 12:6 with your children, which tells us that God is aware when a bird is killed, and help your children understand that all God’s creatures are precious to Him. Establish as one of your family’s values the simple rule If God made it, we don’t hurt it.

When you find an insect or spider in your home, put a glass over it and slip a piece of thick paper or cardboard under the glass to contain the creature. Then place the glass on a firm surface where your children can observe it.

Spend time with your children admiring the beauty of God’s creation. Look with fascination at the coordination of its leg movements and at the intricacy of its features. Thank God for the beauty of the creepy crawly and then return it to the outdoors. Talk about how much happier it must be now that it has been allowed to go back to its home.

Relevant Scripture

Luke 12:6 “Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is forgotten before God.