“I’m special” poster

Creative crafts

Help your children to recognize and celebrate their individuality by making a poster for each child that highlights the ways that they are unique.

Write the text below on each child’s poster, and help them add the suggested images.

I’m special.

In all of creation, there’s nobody like me.

Nobody looks exactly like me. (Help your child paste or draw their picture alongside.)

Nobody talks exactly like me. (Help your child write a favourite joke or funny phrase alongside.)

Nobody’s handwriting is exactly like mine. (Help your child write his or her name alongside.)

Nobody likes all the same things that I do. (Help your child draw some of the things they like or are interested in.)

Nobody has all the same skills that I do. (Add a picture of your child doing an activity they are good at.)

God made only one “me,” so I’m very special to Him. (Add a heart to symbolize God’s love for your child.)

God has special plans in mind for me – things I can do for Him that need my special mix of personality, interests and skills. (Add pictures of simple ways your child can serve God. For example, add a picture of a bed from a magazine to illustrate helping Mommy by making their bed.)

Ask each child if there is anything else they would like to add to the poster to illustrate how he or she is special. When each child is satisfied with their completed poster, pray and thank God for making your children so special.