You’re a treasure!

Physical activity

Play a game of hide and seek where the kids hide while you feign great distress at having “lost” your children.

Discussion point: Emphasize to your children how much you love them, and how valuable they are to you.

Give your kids a few minutes to hide, then go searching for them. As you are searching for your kids, let them to hear you lamenting, calling out something like this:

Oh where, oh where are my precious children? How dreadful this is, I have lost my lovely kids! What will ________ (Grandma or Grandpa) say when I tell them I have lost our dear children?

When you find your kids, smother them with love, hugs and kisses and declare how happy you are to have found them.

After everyone tires of the game, sit down for a snack or cuddle time and use the discussion questions to help your children understand how much you love them.

Questions for discussion
  1. Where was your favourite place to hide?
  2. What was the best part of the game?
  3. Did you have more fun hiding, or being found?
  4. Would I / we be more concerned about losing you, or about losing $1,000?

Note: For further discussion and a Biblical application, see “bought with a price” in the Bible stories section of this lesson.