Closet cleanup

Serving others

Sort through a cupboard, closet or toy box and donate unnecessary articles to a charity.

Goal: Practice generosity and living with less.

Go through a cupboard, closet or toy box and take out the unnecessary articles you have and give them to someone else who may need them. Be sure to include your children in this process of weeding out of unneeded items, packing the boxes and delivering them to the appropriate places. Inner-city ministries are often looking for care boxes that include a home starter kit (contains kitchenware, bedding, toiletries, etc.), winter kits (contains winter wear such as socks, gloves, toques, bus tickets, first aid supplies, etc.) or toy donations.

Look in the Yellow Pages® under “charitable organizations” to find potential recipients. You can also pray and ask God to help you find someone who is in need of the items you have to give away.