Pray a Psalm

Any time

Use this sample prayer based on Psalm 24 as your family’s Easter prayer, or write a family prayer based on any of the Scripture verses in this lesson.

Lord, the earth is Yours, along with everything in it, the world, and all who live in it! And that includes us! We are so glad that we are Your children, Jesus! You created the earth and placed it upon the seas. Lord Jesus, we want to enjoy Your presence, but we know that we need to have clean hearts before we can be close to You. Please forgive us for ___________________ (Observe a quiet time of personal confession here).

We want to love You more than we love anything else, and we want to tell the truth. Thank you for the gift of forgiveness. When we confess our sins, You take away our guilt and shame. How amazing it is that we can be close to You when we have had our hearts washed clean. You are God our Saviour! We are a family of God-seekers. We want to know You better and better each day. Amen.