A faithful son / daughter

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Discuss how the disciples were faithful in sharing the gospel, and assign children simple tasks they can show themselves faithful in.

Discussion point: Faithfulness earns trust.

Read 1 Corinthians 4:2 and explain that Jesus trusted the apostles with the Gospel message. The disciples proved faithful in sharing it or we wouldn’t know about the Good News of knowing God as a friend and as our Saviour. Emphasize how glad we are that they were faithful to do what God asked them to do! Because the disciples were faithful to preach the Gospel message, we can know that when we confess our sins and accept God’s forgiveness, we can spend eternity with Him.

Next, choose a small task you can trust each child to do. This may include putting fruit into the fridge drawer after a grocery trip, straightening couch cushions or picking up toys. Ask them to do their assigned task and get a verbal agreement from them that they will in fact do it. When they complete the task, encourage them by thanking them for being faithful to do what they have said they will do. Throughout the time of your study of faithfulness, continue to trust them with more age-appropriate responsibilities.

Relevant Scripture

1 Corinthians 4:2 “Now it is required that those who have been given a trust, must prove faithful.”

To further the learning, while you are driving or working around the house, tell your children a story about a young boy or girl who proved to be trustworthy as he/she grew up. Modify it to suit your family situation. Here is a sample story:

Once, there was a young boy named Bryce who took great joy in being faithful to complete the small jobs his parents asked him to do. When he was three years old, Bryce started putting his dirty clothes in a laundry basket. At four, he was able to sweep the floor, and at five, he was unloading the dishwasher. By six, Bryce could help make pancakes for special family breakfasts. At seven, he began to take out the garbage. And by eight, he was keeping his own room clean!

As he grew in size, Bryce also grew in faithfulness. He was trustworthy with all of the responsibilities his parents gave him.

When he was nine, Bryce was ready to use a knife and help his parents cut food for family meals. At ten, he was folding and putting away all of his own laundry and was cleaning his own bathroom the next year. By the time he turned twelve, Bryce could be trusted to stay at home alone for short periods of time. Then, Bryce turned thirteen and started to care for his younger siblings when his parents went out.

In junior high school, Bryce’s parents didn’t need to nag him about homework, as he was faithful to complete it without being reminded. Finally, Bryce turned sixteen and was old enough to take his driver’s exam. When he passed the test, he was so excited! The one problem was that he did not own a car. A few weeks later, he wanted to drive to visit a friend and asked if he could borrow the family car.

Pause the story here and ask your children what you think his parents said. End the story with this conclusion:

Bryce’s father said, “I know your room is clean, your homework is done and you have completed the chores your mom asked you to do after school. You have been a faithful son for sixteen years, serving and obeying your mother and me. I know that I can trust you to make good decisions, even if other kids are being foolish. Here are the keys to my car. Please be home by six o’clock for supper.”

This is just one of many stories that can be told to illustrate that parents gain trust in their children when they are faithful and obedient.