Faithfulness can mean sacrifice

Any time

Look for ways to make sacrifices for friends and family members by sharing.

Discussion point: God provides for us, so we should be faithful friends who share.

Encourage your children to look for ways they can make sacrifices for friends and family members. For younger children, this can mean giving up treats or toys. Thank God for providing for you and your family, and ask Him to help you all to be faithful friends who are willing to share ________ (name your children’s favourite toys or foods) with others. Use the questions for discussion listed below while driving or at mealtime.

Questions for discussion
  • Do you have a favourite food or snack that is hard for you to share?
  • Who could you share it with?
  • Did you see anyone who needed you to make a sacrifice for them today?
  • What did you do?
  • What could you have done?