Man’s best friend

Getting into nature

Consider all the ways that a dog shows faithfulness to its owner.

Discussion point: There are many ways we can show faithfulness to God, and to family and friends.

Dogs have been named man’s best friend for a reason. That reason is the character quality of faithfulness. Dogs are incredibly loyal to their masters.

If you have a dog, talk to your children about ways you can tell that your dog is faithful. Points to discuss include the dog waiting for you to come home, watching for your arrival, following you around the house or yard and staying close to you while you work or play, and choosing to come and be petted by its master rather than a stranger.

If you do not have a dog, take time to visit someone who has a dog and ask the owner how their dog exhibits the character trait of faithfulness.

When I was a child, we had a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Betsy. When we were on a cross-Canada family holiday, we left her at a gas station by mistake. When we came back two hours later, our dog was waiting there for us to return. Our dog trusted that we would be faithful and return to get her. This is an example of how trust is established when we are faithful to those around us. In the Bible, God is referred to as our Master (Matthew 23:8, 2 Timothy 2:21).

Use the following questions to invite conversation and encourage your children to consider their own faithfulness. Close by reading Psalm 18:25. Pray with your children, asking that God would find you to be faithful to Him and to your family and friends.

Questions for discussion
  • If you were a dog, what kind would you like to be?
  • How can we tell that our dog is faithful?
  • How can we be faithful to God?
  • What are some ways we can spend time with God?
  • What are some ways we know we can trust God?
Relevant Scripture

Psalm 18:25 “To the faithful You show Yourself faithful…”