Living in love

Any time

Role play several scenarios where you must gently rebuke someone, then offer forgiveness.

Discussion point: It’s important to speak the truth in love.

Following the directions of Luke 17:3, come up with a variety of scenarios whereby your children can practice “speaking the truth in love.” Here’s an example:

First question: “Let’s pretend another child has grabbed the toy you were playing with right out of your hands. What should you say to this boy or girl?”
Answer: “That wasn’t nice to grab the toy out of my hands. May I have the toy back please?”

Second question: “If the girl/boy will not give the toy back, what should you do?”
Answer: “Go and find an adult and explain the situation.”

Third question: “If the girl or boy apologizes, what should you say to them?”
Answer: “I forgive you. Thank you for giving my toy back. Would you like to play with it when I am done?”

Relevant Scripture

Luke 17:3 “So watch yourselves. ‘If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him.’ ”