A yucky lesson

Fun with food

Carve a pumpkin and remove the seeds and slime, then place a light inside.

Discussion point: Jesus cleans all the “yuck” from inside our heart, and His Spirit shines out instead.

Some families choose not participate in any activities that are associated with Halloween. If this is the situation with your family, please do not be offended by this suggestion. We respect your choice to pass over this activity option.

You will need a whole pumpkin, squash or eggplant to complete this activity.

  • Carve out the insides of the pumpkin with your children. As you are removing the seeds and slime from the pumpkin, explain to your children that just as you are cleaning the inside of the pumpkin and taking out all the “yucky” stuff, Jesus cleans all the “yuck” (sin) from inside our hearts. Talk about what kind of “yuck” there might be inside of us (unforgiveness, unkindness, anger, hate, envy, jealousy, disrespect, etc.).
  • Carve a design on the pumpkin – perhaps a cross or a smiling face.
  • Then place a candle inside the pumpkin and turn off the lights. (Be sure never to leave the candle unattended. You may wish to use a flashlight instead of a candle.) Tell your children that just as the candle lights up the inside of the pumpkin, Jesus’ light shines inside our hearts and radiates so that other people can see it. When we ask Jesus to come and live in us, His love fills our hearts so that we can share it with others (1 John 4:10-15). Other people see this light and are drawn to it. The people who see the light of Jesus’ love in your life may ask why you are the way that you are. Then you can tell them it’s all because you have the love of Jesus in your heart!