Environmental awareness

Getting into nature

Examine the harmony of nature, and how human behaviour can disrupt our environment.

Discussion point: When we sin against others, we “pollute” God’s plan for harmony.

Provide some basic environmental awareness education for your children. Include the following concepts:

  • When God created the world, He created the most wonderful symphony – a world of plants and animals functioning together in harmony.
  • The sun provides light for plants to grow.
  • Plants provide food for animals to eat.
  • Some animals also eat each other, but they usually don’t kill more than they need. The delicate balance found in nature can easily be upset by human choices.

Next, discuss how God’s perfect design can be damaged by the actions people take:

  • People litter, harm plants and animals, and destroy the beauty of nature.
  • Factories put harmful chemicals into the environment that kill or hurt animals.
  • People kill animals for sport or selfish gain, rather than for food, which adversely affects the balance in nature.

After reading about environmental awareness, explain that God designed families and friends to live together in harmony, but Satan is like the people who choose to litter and pollute the world. Satan tries to cause discord and upset the harmony that God intends to be present in relationships. Explain to your children that just as we can choose to litter or to put our garbage where it belongs, we can choose to ask God to send His Holy Spirit to enable us to live together peacefully when we feel like fighting and arguing. Close by praying one of the kids talk with God prayers together.