Peacemaker parade

Physical activity

Take turns being “Peace Police” who identify peacemaking in your home. Hold a musical procession each time you discover peacemaking.

Discussion point: The Holy Spirit helps us get along with others.

Note: Ideally, before completing this activity, have your children create their own instruments by following the directions in the kick-off craft.

Put your children to work as “peace police officers” who watch for peacemaking in your home. Examples of peacemaking include talking through problems instead of using aggressive or harsh actions; using a quiet and calm voice to explain problems; practicing forgiveness and showing love.

Peacemaking also means giving up what you want for yourself for someone else and then being happy for him or her. Celebrate with a “peacemaker parade” after each peacemaking incident. March around the house playing musical instruments together, singing praises to God. Practice saying the selected memory verse. Celebrate maintaining harmony and talk about how pleasant it is when everyone lives together peacefully. After the parade, pray, thanking God for the good gift of His Holy Spirit who enables family members to get along with each other.