Salty snacks

Fun with food

Enjoy some salty snacks, then compare positive “salty talk” with “sour talk.”

Discussion point: “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt…”

Prepare a salty snack like pretzels, chips or popcorn for your family and use it as an opportunity to talk about peace. Begin by reading Colossians 4:6. Put individual portions of the snack in sandwich bags along with a verse to read. Choose from Mark 9:50, 2 Corinthians 13:11, 1 Thessalonians 5:15 and Matthew 5:13-16, or any of the verses in the memory verses section.

Read each verse and talk about the difference between “salty talk” and “sour talk.” (“Salty talk” expresses God’s grace to others, promoting peace. The opposite is “sour talk,” words that are quick to judge and accuse others.) When a child speaks in a way that lacks grace and forgiveness, you can gently remind him/her by saying, “Kind words are salty words.” Or “Sprinkle your words with gentleness.”

Relevant Scripture

Colossians 4:6 “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”