Singing songs of peace

Any time

View a selection of songs that will help your family celebrate love and harmony.

Goal: Practice harmony.

Almost any time is a good time to sing or listen to music. Music also helps children remember concepts. Here are some suggestions appropriate for your study on harmony:

  • “Fruit of the Spirit,” a song by Terry Butler, from the CD Fruit of the Spirit. Vineyard Music, 2002.
  • “I’ve Got Peace Like a River,” a song by author unknown (traditional). (Scriptural basis found in Isaiah 66:12)
  • “Let There be Peace on Earth,” a song by Sy Miller and Jill Jackson, from the piano and guitar songbook The Choirboys. Wise Publications, 2005.
  • “Peace,” a song by Wayne Zeitner, from the CD Music Machine: The Fruit of the Spirit. Alpha Omega Publications, Bridgestone Multimedia, 2002.
  • “Peace Like a River,” a song by Charles Davis and C.D. Davis.