Emotional Charades

Drama / Role play

This is like the traditional game of Charades, except the players act out an emotion of their choosing.

Goal: Greater awareness of how others are feeling.

At mealtime, on a bus, or waiting in a line up, play the Emotional Charades guessing game. Emotional Charades is played like the traditional Charades game, except the players act out an emotion of their choosing. Each person takes a turn acting out a feeling. Other family members guess what they are “feeling” based on what they see. Examples include mad, scared, happy, sad, angry, excited, contented, etc.

The purpose behind this game is to help children watch out for and consider the feelings and emotions of those around them. You can also practice looking out for others who look down or discouraged. If you do see someone who is anxious or sad, model kindness for your children, and say some kind words to encourage the person who is down. To follow up, you can use the questions for discussion to enhance mealtime conversation.

Questions for discussion
  • Did you notice anyone feeling sad, lonely, left out, injured or upset today?
  • What did you do for them?
  • What could you have done?
  • Did anyone else help them?
Relevant Scripture

Proverbs 12:25 “An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up.”