The kindness of animals

Getting into nature

Watch animals – cows, horses or cats – grooming each other, then take turns giving each other a back rub.

Goal: Practicing kindness.

One of the best illustrations of kindness that we see in nature is animals grooming each other. If you can, take a walk or a drive in the country. It is common to see cows, horses and cats licking each other. This is true kindness because the animal is being kind without expecting anything in return.

A way that we can show this kind of kindness is by giving back rubs to family members. To allow this activity to be enjoyed by the whole family, begin by assembling in a circle. If you have the adults sit while the children stand, it is possible for everyone rub the back of the person in front of him or her at the same time.

After a few minutes, have everyone turn around and rub the person’s back who was rubbing his or her back. If you have a child who really likes animals and nature, consider getting a book out of the library on the kindness of animals.