Kindness is contagious

Science with a twist

Review personal hygiene rules that reduce the spread of germs.

Discussion point: We should spread “kindness germs” everywhere; they quickly spread through a group.

At an early age, kids learn to be germ-aware. Parents regularly mention concerns about hand washing, nose blowing, nose picking, nail biting and covering mouths when coughing or sneezing. Begin by reviewing basic hygiene rules and expand your discussion to tell your children that there is one germ that they are welcome to spread all over the place: the kindness germ!

Kindness is as contagious as the common cold. Explain that when we are kind to each other, it softens our hearts and makes us want to be kind to others as well.

Discuss ways you can spread “kindness germs” everywhere! Throughout the course of your study, whenever your children wash their hands, cough, sneeze or blow their noses, it can be a reminder to ask God to wash away any unkindness and to ask Him to help you spread kindness germs instead.