Receiving kindness

Drama / Role play

Practice appropriate responses to compliments, and polite ways to decline an invitation.

Goal: Learning manners and taking care not to hurt another’s feelings.

Make a point of talking with your kids about responding appropriately when someone is kind to him or her. Examples of situations that can make children uncomfortable include:

  • receiving compliments about his/her clothing or abilities
  • being offered food that he/she does not want to eat
  • opening a gift that does not appeal to him/her
  • being invited to play with another child

Help your kids come up with a plan on how to say thank you when someone compliments his or her clothes, artwork or abilities. Practice a proper response for when they are invited by another child to play. Explore ideas as to how to politely decline food and say a sincere thank you for an unwanted gift.

Using role-play will give your children the confidence to respond kindly, without hurting the feelings of those who have been kind to them. To add interest to the role-play, stage a puppet show and have your children use their stuffed animals or dolls as the actors.