Patience makes perfect

Creative crafts

Choose a craft that requires careful and patient work.

Discussion point: Talk about how being patient and persistent led to a great craft in the end.

Choose a craft that requires careful and patient work. Work at it together! Use it as an opportunity to talk to your children about patience.

The Canadian Oxford Dictionary defines patience as “calm endurance of hardship, provocation, pain, delay, etc.” and as “tolerant perseverance.” For a young child, patience can be defined as “keeping going, even if things get hard; staying calm when someone or something is bothering you; and waiting calmly for things.”

For young children, working at a challenging craft requires patience because it can be tempting to get frustrated or quit if the project does not take shape quickly or as they had envisioned it. Ideas include gluing small objects, threading beads, drawing a grid and colouring the grid squares in a pattern. Talk about how the patience you used while putting the craft together paid off in the end with how satisfying it was to complete the project. Talk about how the craft would have looked differently if you had not been so patient with it.