Patience in nature

Getting into nature

Discuss how birds need to be patient while incubating their eggs. As need arises, chirp like a baby bird to remind your children to be patient like a momma bird.

Animals display significant patience while incubating their eggs. Many go for significant lengths of time without food and water while waiting for their eggs to hatch. Use the questions for discussion to introduce your children to the idea of birds being patient. Birds usually incubate their eggs for at least a couple of weeks prior to their chicks hatching.

  • How long does a bird have to sit on her eggs before they hatch?
  • What would happen if the bird became impatient and went away, leaving her eggs for too long?
  • Is there anything you have a hard time waiting for?

For a patience reminder, ask your children to practice making a bird noise or chirping the next time they are tempted to be impatient. You may also want to start chirping like a bird as a reminder when you see a child beginning to get impatient. Birds can remind all of us that being patient has its own reward. For their patience, the birds are rewarded with a nest full of baby birds. Likewise, when family members are patient with each other, their reward is a peaceful household.