Patient Polly tossed a bally

Physical activity

Toss a ball to each other while saying this rhyme about patience, and enjoy a small treat as a reward.

Goal: Have fun reinforcing patience.

Standing in a circle with a ball, try to accomplish a set number of tosses to each other without dropping the ball. Say the rhyme below as you throw the ball, taking turns deciding what to eat for the treat when you are done practicing patience. You may also change the person’s name in the rhyme. For example, “Patient Mary tossed a cherry.”

Patient Polly tossed a bally.
This is what she said: “Are you ready for my throw?”
Things go better when we’re patient, this is how I know.
I throw, you catch – then we all eat cookie dough.

Predetermine how many passes you want to complete and what the reward will be when you meet your goal. Encourage each thrower to be patient. Talk about how being patient can help you accomplish the task. Emphasize that if you are impatient and throw the ball quickly before the other person is ready to catch it, it makes reaching the goal harder for everyone. Do not set an overly lofty goal or this activity may try the patience of the parents more than the children!