Satisfaction in perseverance

Any time

Read or tell a long adventure story, but stop before the climax, feigning tiredness. When your kids beg for more, tell the conclusion.

Discussion point: Perseverance brings satisfaction.

Read or begin telling a long adventure story. Just as your narrative reaches a very exciting part, suddenly quit telling the story. When your kids ask you to read on, tell them that your voice is tired and you want to stop talking.

Your kids are sure to plead with you to start the story once again. Finally agree, replying to their request with the comment, “Okay, I will persevere.” When the story is finished, ask your kids if they are glad that you persevered and completed the story. Talk about the satisfaction that is gained by finishing a long story or job. You may also wish to impress upon your children that their parents work hard every day to provide money, food and clothing for them.