“Check for respect” game

Any time, Drive time

Run these scenarios by your kids and see if they can identify respectful and disrespectful responses. Have fun making up your own scenarios too.

Goal: Practice respect.

While you are driving or standing in a line up, fill the time by playing the “Check for Respect” game. Here are two ways you can play the game:

  • Tell your kids a story or provide a scenario. For example:A friend is over and you have a wonderful time playing together. Toys are spread all over the playroom. Your friend leaves without offering to help clean up the toys.An older man comes to your home to visit and your little brother asks him how old he is.

    Ask your kids, “Did the characters in the story show respect?” If the characters in the story showed respect, your kids answer, “Check for respect.” If the characters did not demonstrate respect, have your children make a noise like a game show sound when someone gets eliminated from the game: “Ennnnh!”

  • Another option is to make it a multiple-choice game where your children select the correct answer. The laughs gained with playing the game this way can add some fun, given your children have the maturity and judgement to understand that the humour is funny to listen to, but not funny if it is acted out. Some examples include:You feel a sneeze coming, so you a) look for someone to sneeze on b) cover your mouth and nose with your hands c) turn your head away from people and let the sneeze out as loudly as possible.Company is over. You notice that after the meal, your mom has a big piece of lettuce on her tooth. You a) point at it and start laughing as loud as you can, b) ask if anyone can tell which of your mom’s teeth is not like the other, c) quietly whisper in your mom’s ear that she should check her teeth in the bathroom.

    Once your children understand the idea behind making up scenarios for the game, they may want to make up some of their own, too.

If you have completed the kick-off craft activity for the respect lesson, you can add this game to daily life. When you notice family members treating each other or possessions with respect, remember to say, “Check for respect.” Family members can say “Ennnnh!”, when they notice other family members not following the “family respect rules,” provided it is done in a respectful way.