Preserving nature

Science with a twist

Go for a walk among wildflowers, but don’t pick any. Then research an animal on the potential extinction list, and how to preserve their environment.

Discussion point: We respect God’s creation.

If the season allows, go for a walk where you will see wildflowers but ask your children not to pick any. Explain that if all the wildflowers get picked, there will be none left for others to enjoy. Teach your children that allowing the flowers to grow shows respect for the beauty God made. This can extend into a discussion on caring for the environment so that the animals God created can continue to thrive.

If your children enjoy learning about animals, consider doing some research and finding children’s books on how to preserve the environment of their favourite animal on the potential extinction list. Some Canadian animals listed as endangered or vulnerable on the IUCN (The International Union for Conservation of Nature) red list include the polar bear, sea otter, northern fur seal, great white shark, wolverine, wood turtle, spotted turtle, and many whales, fish and birds. To begin your research, visit your library for children’s books on the topic of extinction and endangered species.