Just imagine

Any time, Drive time

Take turns listing Biblical miracles and wondrous displays of God's power.

As you suggest each new miracle, preface each one with the phrase “Just imagine what it would have been like to ___________.” For example, you could say, “Just imagine what it would have been like to eat manna from heaven.”

Don’t rush through each one but encourage your children to use their imaginations as they think about what each event might have been like. Play until you run out of ideas. The last person to share a “Just imagine” phrase wins.

Here are some ideas to get the game started. Just imagine what it would have been like to . . .

  • experience the 10 plagues in Egypt
  • see all the water piling up on one side as you crossed the Jordan River on dry ground
  • drink the water that poured from a rock
  • touch Aaron’s rod after it budded
  • feel the ground opening up and see it swallowing Korah and the rebels
  • see the sun and moon standing still
  • have been one of the 300 soldiers in Gideon’s army when God made the Midianites fight each other instead of you
  • see the whole Aramean army struck with blindness after Elisha prayed
  • have watched David take on Goliath and win
  • march around Jericho and then see the walls fall down
  • smell the smoke-free robes of the men after they were in Nebuchadnezzar’s fiery furnace
  • be with Daniel spending the night with hungry lions
  • be with Mary when the angel of God visited her and told her she would be the mother of Jesus
  • see Jesus calm the stormy sea
  • be one of the 4,000 or 5,000 whom Jesus fed
  • have been in the boat and seen Jesus walking on the water
  • be healed of leprosy
  • be one of Jesus’ disciples and to see Him heal the crippled and the blind
  • have been one of Lazarus’ family members and see Jesus bring him back to life after being in the grave for three days.