Praise brigade

Any time, Drive time

Mom or Dad, choose a day to thank God, out loud, for everything you can, and see if your children notice.

Discussion point: God never tires of hearing our praise.

Mom or Dad, pick a day that suits and say thank you to God, out loud, for everything! (Don’t tell your children beforehand; see if they catch on).

Thank God for fresh water every time you turn on a tap, for electricity when you turn on a light switch, and for food when you have something to eat. Thank Him for friends and family who phone, text or email. You can thank God for difficulties and problems as well. The sky is the limit – and you can thank Him for that too!

Finally, ask your kids if they are tired of hearing you praise God. Whether they answer yes or no doesn’t matter, just let your children know that God never gets tired of hearing our praise.