Praise necklace

Creative crafts

Read Psalm 148, then make a necklace using coloured beads. Let each bead represent something from nature mentioned in Psalm 148 that you can praise God for.

Make a “Psalm 148 praise necklace” with your kids. Begin by reading Psalm 148 and asking your children to identify any aspect of nature listed in the Psalm that brings praise to God. Each time they suggest something, have your children choose a coloured bead to represent that thing from nature that brings praise to God.

For example, you might use blue beads for the sky, green beads for hills, brown for furry wild animals, yellow or gold for the sun, moon and stars, white for the clouds that bring rain, clear for the water in mountain streams, gray for stormy winds, and multi-coloured beads for fruit trees. When your children wear their handiwork, it will help them remember to thank God for His!