Thankfulness jam

Any time, Drive time

Make up a short rhyme of praise to God for as many things as you can think of.

Discussion point: We have much to thank God for.

While driving in your car, open up discussion by inviting your kids to tell you what life would be like without a car or a vehicle for transportation. Work together to include your kids’ ideas in a short rhyme of praise. For example, God, thanks for our car; without it we couldn’t go far!

Each time you drive somewhere, repeat the jingle and add another verse like this one: God, thanks for our food; not to say thanks would be really rude! This is a fun way to remember to thank God for all the ways He provides for your family.

Other things you can praise God for include shoes, food, clothing, pets, stores, water, health, friends, family, freedom and books. See how many verses you can add to your “thankfulness jam” and still remember them!