Kick-off craft

In this kick-off craft, you’ll help your children make a fleece picnic blanket so you have something to sit on each time you do one of the Bible story picnics in this lesson and “meet with Jesus on the hillside.” You’ll also be packing a picnic basket or tote.

If you’re short on time, skip this craft and use a blanket you already own. But don’t forget to prepare your picnic basket, as you will need it for all the Bible story picnics in this Easter lesson.

Make a picnic blanket and pack a picnic basket


You’ll need the following supplies:

  • fleece fabric to make your blanket(s)
  • sharp scissors
  • a large basket, a cloth grocery bag or a tote box to serve as your picnic basket.

You’ll also need these items to pack in your picnic basket:

  • a large ladle or serving spoon
  • a flashlight
  • a cross
  • an empty water bottle
  • a stuffed animal
  • a first aid kit with some adhesive bandages
  • antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer
  • a box of disposable tissues
  • a candle.

Work together on a family-size blanket, or have each of your children make a smaller personal blanket.

  1. Cut the fleece fabric to your desired size(s), then help your kids cut fringed edges. A wide-tooth comb can serve as a template, or you can make a similarly shaped cardboard cutting guide.
  2. Ask your kids to help you collect the items listed above and pack them in your picnic basket or tote.

If your kids want to get started as soon as the blanket and picnic basket are ready, go ahead and read the first Bible story (“a Passover picnic“). For maximum effectiveness, ensure your children are getting hungry by the time you read the story.